Our network of generator experts, and seasoned systems and component fabricators offers everything from predictive monitoring instruments to full stator rewinds.†

Whether air or H2 cooled, Jericoís resources can provide build-to-print or functional spec equipment for your generatorís cooling requirements.† Ideal for unit uprates.

Air and Hydrogen Coolers

Complete, engineered replacement seal oil skids, whether for vacuum treated systems or scavenging seal oil applications.†††

Seal Oil Systems

From portable, triple-range gas analyzers to replacement H2 cabinets, piping, instrumentation to H2 generation and H2 bulk storage. Our OEM experience provides the expertise to ensure safe equipment selection and design.

Hydrogen Auxiliary Systems

Complete engineered stator water solutions for your generator uprate/rewinds or replacement of key system components such as coolers, filter housings, strainers, deionizers, pumps/motors, etc.†

Stator Water Cooling Systems

Critical generator electrical components such as isophase bus ducts, bus bars, and bushings, as well as switchgear and LV, MV or HV electrical packages are all available through Jerico.†

Electrical Components

Generator Applications

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Our network offers OEM-proven capacity to provide critical generator components such as end-shields, seals, bearings, stators and packaged collectors and housings, even rotor forgings and retaining rings.

Major Generator Components†