For new unit construction, plant repower, or unit upgrades/uprates, Jerico’s list of capabilities includes a wide range of critical steam turbine necessities. 

With OEM design experience, Jerico can provide replacement lube oil systems for your turbine.  In addition, our network provides a global ability to locate and supply lube oil system replacement parts, components and refurbishment.

Lube Oil Systems

Venturi and Flow Tubes for fuel, steam and condensate flows, as well as flow nozzles and cost efficient orifice plates.  From the finely tuned and highly accurate, to basic and low cost designs, Jerico’s resources can support your fluid flow component needs.  

Flow Measurement and Control      

With numerous sources and experts in heat transfer and fluid systems, Jerico can provide a wide range of coolers, heat exchangers, performance heaters, air-cooled condensers, etc.  Whether shell and tube or plate and frame styles, our international network can support your project timeline with the highest quality application engineering. 

Heat Exchangers, Condensers

Ranging from forgings, large castings, complex machining Jerico’s network of resources can meet most material, cost and delivery requirements for your needs. 

Large Component Fabrications, Machinings and Forgings

With a network of fabrication experts in various special or custom alloy or steel piping, Jerico can provide a wide range of complex or custom designed pipe spools, valve stations and subassemlies to meet virtually any industrial process requirements.  Pipe sizes are virtually unlimited. 

Custom Alloy or Steel Pipe Fabrications/Spools

Steam Turbine Applications

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With any steam system, removal of gaseous contaminants is critical to longer service life of critical boiler and steam turbine components.  Our network of boiler and feedwater systems experts provide numerous sources for your Deareator applications—from design to manufacture and installation.