With many years of experience with OEM’s and suppliers, Jerico’s network provides a wide range of gas turbine specific applications, offering the highest quality and safety standards. 

Jerico’s resources permit complete manufacture of build-to-print gas turbine inlet and outlet ducting, exhaust diffusers and silencers and exhaust frames, even rotor forgings, etc. 

Major Gas Turbine Components

For turbine compressor cleaning and improved efficiency, or NOx reduction and power augmentation, our system engineers can provide upgrades/replacements to antiquated or unreliable designs, or provide new, turn-key apparatus for your new plant or unit addition. 

Water Wash and Water Injection            

From bulkhead, pressure control systems “at the fence” to complete compressor stations and gas conditioning systems such as performance heaters, cyclone scrubbers, particulate filters, absolute separators and feedwater heaters, Jerico’s experience in the gas auxiliary system performance and design ensure clean and efficient gas turbine fuel delivery. 

Fuel Gas Control, Compressor Modules & Safety Shutoff Stations

With any gas turbine fuel conversion, evaluation of existing fuel system auxiliaries and likely modifications and/or replacements are necessary.  Let Jerico’s team of engineers and fabricators evaluate your system and provide multiple options for your project consideration. 

Auxiliaries for Dual Fuel and Dry Low NOx Conversions

From basic pressure vessels, heat treatment and other fluid systems to electrical packages, Jerico can support your special applications.  Build-to-print and proprietary applications are challenges we look forward to. 

Pressure Vessels, Filtration, Heat Exchangers, Metering Tubes

Gas Turbine Applications

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Other Gas Turbine Systems and Components Include, but are not limited to:

Fuel Gas Water or Oil Bath Heaters, Feedwater Performance Heaters, Electric Heaters, Absolute Separators, Fuel Gas Scrubbers, Lube Oil, Hydraulics, Accessory Modules,  Atomizing Air Systems, Coolers and Condensers



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