From mining and petrochemical, to pharmaceutical and food processing, your industrial applications are supported by Jerico’s global network of suppliers. 

Build-to-print or functional specification—our fabricators can support complex fabrications of almost any material and any size/shape you application demands. 

Custom/Complex Ducting and Metal Fabrications

Whether in North America or abroad, our fabricators can support custom fabrication of virtually any material, size or pressure requirements to suit your application needs. 

Pressure Vessels

Whether chemical processing, refinery applications or any other industrial processing facility, Jerico can support your exhaust system fabrication.

Exhaust Stacks, Silencers, Diffusers

From boiler tubes and boiler auxiliary systems, tanks/vessels and components, to complete auxiliary or main boiler replacement or refurbishment, Jerico can support virtually any industrial boiler need.

Boiler Applications 

If you have a complex, proprietary system/application needing fabrication/manufacturing, our global network can meet virtually all relevant certifications.

Proprietary Processes

For HV, MV or LV applications, Jerico’s global network can provide standard or custom transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, breakers, bus bars and various other applications. 

Electrical Packages and Auxiliaries

 Non-Power Generation

 Process Industry

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